April 2020
🚀 Complete

Smart Category creation in the Release API

Passing a name instead of an ID in a category object when creating a release will now find or create a category of that name and associate it with the new release.

mutation CreateRelease($projectId: ID!) {
  createRelease(input: {
    release: {
      projectId: $projectId,
      name: "My fancy new release",
      summary: "A great release summary",
      categories: [{ name: "new category" }, { id: "cat_S1BYrPgYYNVtF" }]
  }) {
    release {
API Zapier
March 2020
🚀 Complete

Manage project view visibility

Project views now have a new check box that can be used to hide certain views from your public project page. This is great for teams that would like to only show certain views to their customers, like “Complete,” but would like deeper organization on their internal page.

Releases Public pages Beta
🚀 Complete

Sharing and SEO controls

Optimize your content for search and sharing. With our new sharing and SEO controls, you can take control of how your public LaunchNotes page looks in search and when sharing across platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Slack.

Releases Customization
Latest update

We’re rolling out a big improvement today that gives you control over how your release content is displayed in search and social platforms.

Customize project and release level options to improve your reach.

Check out the LaunchNotes for what’s new!

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🚀 Complete

Improved release filtering

Release filtering will allow you to view releases by categories and project views. A new element on your internal release page will be available as well as new field arguments in our Releases API.

Releases API
Latest update

Today, we’re rolling out our first round of enhanced release filtering and management. Check the release for details!

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🚀 Complete

Improved email and slack notifications

Our new email and slack notifications will provide more context about the associated release and notes, while being more accessible.

Email Slack Notifications
Latest update

New email and slack notifications are launching tomorrow! This includes

  • improved layout design for slack + email 🎨
  • Better release context for notifications 🔍

See the full breakdown in the LaunchNotes!

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🚀 Complete

New Release statuses

Assign a Release a status of In planning, In Development, or Completed. This will help teams communicate at the right fidelity throughout the life of a release.

Latest update

We’re rolling out a change this week that introduces new statuses to Releases. These are:

  • In planning
  • In development
  • Complete

Check the LaunchNotes for full details of what to expect.

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🚀 Complete

Release API field deprecations

Expected changes: We will be removing three fields from the Release type in our API.

Affected type: Release

Affected fields: announcement_body and announcement_title

When: April 6th, 2020

Summary: In the coming weeks, we will be introducing the new Release Article model, replacing our existing description and announcement functionality. This change not only affects our API users, but anyone using our Zapier integration to create releases dynamically. API Documentation: https://help.launchnotes.io/article/112-api-getting-started

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know at support@launchnotes.io

API Zapier Needs action
February 2020
🚀 Complete

Summary, Article and better notifications

We’re improving the Release creation and editing flow. This includes a “summary” and article concept for Releases, along with new ui interactions for creating public and private communications.

Releases API
🚀 Complete

Better internal user management

Bulk invite stakeholders and better visibility and management for the internal users on your LaunchNotes project.

Internal users
Latest update

**Summary **

We’re making it much easier to manage your Project contributors, stakeholders, admins, and end users. This includes an improved interface for inviting and a shareable link to easily add stakeholders.

**Update **

We’re mostly in QA this week. Core functionality and new screens are built out. We’re now going back through everything to add polish and improve copy for the new screens.

In the meantime, feel free to review the various permission types for your project https://help.launchnotes.io/article/102-project-access

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December 2019
🚀 Complete

30 day credit card-less LaunchNotes trial

Sign up and try LaunchNotes without a credit card. Free for 30 days.

Latest update

**Free 30 day trial: no credit card required 🎉**

We just rolled out the ability to start a trial with LaunchNotes with no credit card required! Try the full feature set of LaunchNotes with no credit card needed for 30 days.

If you already signed up, you’ll be migrated to this new trial experience and your 30 days starts today. Read the full details in the Launch post.

Sign back in to https://app.launchnotes.io/users/sign_in

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