April 2024
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Feature Friday - April 5: Roadmap Item Updates and so much more

As we wrap up the week, LaunchNotes HQ is celebrating an April 5 observance: “National Read a Roadmap Day”! If you’re considering embarking on a road trip this weekend, don’t forget your roadmap. In honor of this day, today’s Feature Friday is here to announce an enhancement to our product roadmapping capability, some important bug fixes, and other improvements to the LaunchNotes experience.
February 2024
January 2024
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Introducing LaunchNotes Control for Chrome

Customer and stakeholder feedback and the insights gleaned from that feedback are the lifeblood of product development at any organization, particularly for software-driven companies. So today’s feature release is a proud moment for the LaunchNotes team as it marks another feature that builds out our feedback capabilities: LaunchNotes Control for Chrome is an extension for collecting customer feedback and insights anywhere on the web.
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OPEN TODAY: The closed-Beta release of Views for roadmaps

Today, we're excited to announce the closed-Beta for Views for roadmaps -- Tailored specifically for the modern product team, Views for roadmaps is a new capability in the quiver for those responsible for reporting on and delivering the product development commitments of a roadmap for multiple audiences, even multiple products. The feature set has been crafted to enable users to generate several roadmaps from a single project, each with its own shareable link, subset of content, and viewer access.
December 2023
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Christmas has come early: LaunchNotes management portal gets a major update!

For our last feature release of the year, you’ll see how we’re putting our color palette to work to create a more cohesive user experience across both the website and the management portal. In the management portal specifically, we've focused on using greater contrast and selective accent colors to achieve: enhanced readability, improved accessibility, and increased usability. Drop in today to check it out!
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Feature Friday - December 1: Design updates, publishing permissions rollout, and some bug fixes

This Feature Friday, we wanted to kick off the gift-giving season with a bunch of enhancements designed to elevate your LaunchNotes experience with improvements in navigation, usability, and accessibility. From streamlined UI experiences to a refined category presentation to improved roadmap functionality, these updates will make the LaunchNotes experience more intuitive, efficient, and powerful.