January 2023
December 2022
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LaunchNotes: 2022 Year in Review

As we close out 2022 we have a lot to celebrate! It was a year of incredible growth, product momentum, and strong collaboration across our team, with our customers, and throughout the broader community, we serve. Take a look at the 30+ major releases and feature upgrades we shipped in 2022 to significantly expand the capabilities of the LaunchNotes product success platform.
November 2022
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Drive actionable insights at scale with automated topic modeling and product analytics

Today we're pleased to announce two more massive improvements to the LaunchNotes platform: Automated topic modeling and a new executive-level analytics dashboard. Together, these two new capabilities will empower product teams to instantly see and act on opportunities at both ends of the product development lifecycle.
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Introducing AI-powered sentiment analysis, domain and subscriber info panels, and more!

Today we’re excited to announce a slew of new features that will drive substantial improvements in your ability to: 1) surface valuable customer data across individual users and organizations; 2) glean quality insights from subscriber activity, engagement, and feedback; 3) ensure you’re always prioritizing the most important work based on customer needs and sentiment, even at scale.
October 2022

LaunchNotes' artificial intelligence layer is here

Today team LaunchNotes is ecstatic to introduce you to Bernie, the newest member of your product team. Bernie represents a new AI layer we’ve built into the LaunchNotes platform. Her sole responsibility is to help you supercharge your product development process and, when asked, will automate any number of tasks, from drafting new announcements in seconds to running automated sentiment analysis on customer feedback.
September 2022