November 2020
👨🏿‍💻 In development

Layout customizations

You will now be able to customize the layout of your public pages, down to the individual elements. Create fully branded headers, footers and release layouts with ease.

Public pages
August 2020
👨🏿‍💻 In development

The internal change feed

The Change Feed aggregates all activity across your project, giving you a clean, approachable look into what is getting worked on across your entire team.

Change feed
Latest update

We’re very excited to share a brand-new beta feature called The Change Feed. This new page is available from your Project’s navigation bar on the left and gives you a new way to keep tabs on your team’s progress and momentum, so that no change is forgotten. Rather than digging through releases to see what has been updated, you can get the perfect, high level overview of what is going on.

We’re enabling this feature for all projects today. As part of our beta roll-out, we encourage you to give us feedback. We plan on moving quickly as we develop this new tool into the central hub of your internal LaunchNotes experience.

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