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Project performance improvements

STAGE: In progress

There have been a number of issues we’ve observed or that have been reported impacting a small group of customers that we are currently addressing. These issues include: 

  • Users being logged out of the management portal when trying to interact with the content editor

  • The inability to access the management portal for 1-5 minute periods; the analytics dashboard stuck in a loading state, and not loading performance data

  • The embedded widget displaying an “Unable to fetch data” error and not populating with announcements

  • 503 errors when opening the full announcement link from notification emails

We’ve identified that these issues can be grouped into 2 focus areas: spikes in traffic that cause intermittent downtime and degraded performance during code deployments, and authentication rules logging users out instead of displaying an error message. 

Fixes and improvements

Our engineering team is working on scaling up our infrastructure to support higher traffic volumes and code deployments, as well as evaluating different deployment strategies to reduce the impact of deployments on our infrastructure.

We are identifying the authentication rules that are force-logging users out and will be implementing error messages to display when this occurs.

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