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Efficiently giving and receiving product feedback has historically been a challenge for both customers and product managers. While customers often feel that feedback they provide may or may not end up in a black hole and never be actioned on, the reality is that product managers are usually on the other side struggling to keep up with, interpret, and follow up with the high volume of feedback they’re receiving on a daily basis. A lose/lose scenario if we’ve ever seen one.

Conversations for feedback

With our new conversations functionality, we’ll be unlocking product managers’ ability to quickly turn any feedback item received into a dialogue with the individual who submitted it–directly from the feedback item and without ever leaving LaunchNotes.

Conversations will enrich the product team’s understanding of what their customers are asking for by providing the opportunity to unearth additional context and dig in for more details–all with a few clicks. And customers will enjoy the benefit of being alerted when their feedback has been addressed, how it’s being addressed, and even who on the product team is responsible for addressing it. The ultimate win/win!

Here are just a few of the things we know you’re going to love about conversations:

  • Automatic external email notifications when either a product manager or the submitter responds to the conversation

  • Automatic email notifications to internal stakeholders when a product manager adds a note to the conversation

  • The ability for subscribers to respond directly to the conversation from their email (and have that response recorded in the conversation in LaunchNotes!)

  • The conversation is appended directly to the feedback item so that all context is always in a single place

  • …lots more! 

Conversations for feedback will make it easier than ever for product teams to connect with their customers, iterate on customer feedback, and build features and functionality users will love.

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