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Promote idea to roadmap

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Currently, to move an idea to a roadmap item, an admin has to manually create a roadmap item from an idea based on the description of the idea on the idea admin page in the management portal.

With the introduction of the ‘Promote to roadmap’ feature, we will be introducing a workflow to simplify this process, keep your customers informed of every change, and celebrate these moments. 

‘Promote’ will be available on Ideas in your LaunchNotes management portal. Doing so will prompt the optional setting to notify the people that left feedback and votes on this Idea that they have impacted the roadmap. It’s a powerful moment when a customer can see how their feedback has led to action, and a valuable opportunity to delight your customers and prospects.

When promoting an Idea, the corresponding Roadmap item will be created with the same title and description. All of the feedback that was left on the Idea will also be visible under the Roadmap item, and every subscriber that contributed feedback or votes will automatically be subscribed to the newly created Roadmap item. You or your team can update the Roadmap item with any new information, for instance, using Bernie, the AI assistant, to rewrite the description from a product spec sheet.

Most importantly, perhaps, ‘promote’ will have the option to notify via email all the subscribers that submitted feedback and voted for the idea that has been promoted to the roadmap, celebrating that their contribution has impacted the roadmap and the future feature set of the product. With this update, your team can take customers along for the entire product development journey, and celebrate what you’ve achieved together.

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