Free pages, Loom embeds, and funding

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Your August roundup of everything that has happened in the LaunchNotes world. Plus a teaser on a feature we’re really excited about  πŸš€

What's new?

It's been a busy August for the LaunchNotes team. We've launched some exciting features, secured funding to accelerate development and supercharged our free tier. Catch the overview below and click into any section for more details.

New article editor

We're rolling out a new editor this week which will allow you to embed Loom and youtube videos, surveys πŸ˜ƒ, and a number of new formatting options. Details in the release https://updates.launchnotes.io...


Supercharged free tier

We've given our Basic tier new super powers. Everything you need to communicate publicly. Uncapped public subscribers, embeddable widget, design themes. It's all there. Details in the release https://updates.launchnotes.io...



We're thrilled to have partnered with a stellar group of people to help build out LaunchNotes as the hub for your product changes. Read the funding announcement on our blog  https://www.launchnotes.io/blo...



Unsubscribe from email

Jumping through a bunch of hoops to manage a subscription is annoying. Subscribers can now manage their preferences in 1 click from email notifications.

Right around the corner

Single sign on (SSO) and a native Jira integration are on the way! Keep an eye out for updates over on our public release stream https://updates.launchnotes.io...


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