Custom domains

🌎 Public pages

Use your own domain to host your public LaunchNotes page. Instead of using the default project-name.launchnotes.io domain, you can request a custom host, which will allow you to use any domain, like updates.mycompany.com.

What's new? πŸŽ‰

We've added the ability for you to set a custom domain for your public LaunchNotes page at something like updates.mycompanydomain.com or new.mycompanydomain.com.

When you sign up for LaunchNotes we generate a url for your public page at company-name.launchnotes.io. Now, you can change this domain to match your company domain.

How to get it πŸ€”

If you want this turned on for your account write in to "hey@launchnotes.io" and we'll get you set up. You'll need the ability (or know someone) to edit your DNS records.

Custom domain FAQ πŸ–

Do you support SSL?

Yes, we provide free SSL for all public projects, including on custom hosts

How do I configure my DNS?

You must create a CNAME record on your subdomain of choice that points to customer.launchnotes.net

Do you support apex domains?

No we don’t. You must host your public page on a subdomain like www.example.com.

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