September 2020
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July 2020
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LaunchNotes Embed

Embed your releases anywhere with just a few lines of code. Install once and show off releases on your website, in-app, or anywhere else you want to show off product updates.

Releases Embedded widgets
Latest update

Today we’re launching Embedded releases! The embed comes in 2 different flavors:

  1. Pop-over
  2. Inline

You can get up and running with embedded releases in less than 5 minutes and just a few lines of code. Check out the details in the release.

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June 2020
May 2020
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Release links

Release links will allow you to add external documents and resources to your releases. Use these to keep track of everything related to the work that is getting done.

Releases Internal users
Latest update

You asked us for more context in your releases, and now you have it. Introducing release links!

Release links bring all the context of your release into one place. Based on your feedback, release links support over a dozen tools out-of-the-box, including Dropbox, Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, and Trello), GitHub, Gitlan, Google Docs, Loom, Figma, and more. Now all of your work in these tools is only one click away as your release moves through your dev workflow.

Full details in the release below.

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April 2020
🚀 Complete

The release article

Our new Article editor will allow you to draft and save a rich text document that can be published when you are ready to share. The article has native support for embedded images and videos.

As always, we would love to get your feedback!

Releases Public pages Article editor
Latest update

Introducing a brand new editing experience for your release articles. Preview mode, code blocks, and more! See all the details below.

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🚀 Complete

Release visibility controls

The toggle for release visibility will be replaced with an add/remove pattern. The controls will also move from the gutter into the main body of content on the release page.

Releases Access control
Latest update

This is live for all LaunchNotes accounts as of this morning. Add/remove releases from your public page to control the visibility of your releases.

  • adding a release to your public page makes it visible for the world to see
  • removing keeps it internal to your signed in Project users
  • all releases default to internal

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🚀 Complete

Improved public page layouts

Our new public page design system will make your public pages more approachable and impactful. Releases will be easier to find and groups of releases will be easier to scan.

Releases Public pages
Latest update

New public page layouts are here 🚀

3 new layouts, 10 color themes, search, timelines, and advanced filtering have landed on public pages to help you communicate product changes.

View the Release for the full breakdown!

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March 2020
🚀 Complete

Manage project view visibility

Project views now have a new check box that can be used to hide certain views from your public project page. This is great for teams that would like to only show certain views to their customers, like “Complete,” but would like deeper organization on their internal page.

Releases Public pages Beta