July 2020

LaunchNotes Embed

Embed your releases anywhere with just a few lines of code. Install once and show off releases on your website, in-app, or anywhere else you want to show off product updates.

Releases Embedded widgets
June 2020
May 2020

Release links

Release links will allow you to add external documents and resources to your releases. Use these to keep track of everything related to the work that is getting done.

Releases Internal users
April 2020

Release visibility controls

The toggle for release visibility will be replaced with an add/remove pattern. The controls will also move from the gutter into the main body of content on the release page.

Releases Access control

Improved public page layouts

Our new public page design system will make your public pages more approachable and impactful. Releases will be easier to find and groups of releases will be easier to scan.

Releases Public pages
March 2020

Manage project view visibility

Project views now have a new check box that can be used to hide certain views from your public project page. This is great for teams that would like to only show certain views to their customers, like “Complete,” but would like deeper organization on their internal page.

Releases Public pages Beta

Sharing and SEO controls

Optimize your content for search and sharing. With our new sharing and SEO controls, you can take control of how your public LaunchNotes page looks in search and when sharing across platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Slack.

Releases Customization

Improved release filtering

Release filtering will allow you to view releases by categories and project views. A new element on your internal release page will be available as well as new field arguments in our Releases API.

Releases API

New Release statuses

Assign a Release a status of In planning, In Development, or Completed. This will help teams communicate at the right fidelity throughout the life of a release.

February 2020

Summary, Article and better notifications

We’re improving the Release creation and editing flow. This includes a “summary” and article concept for Releases, along with new ui interactions for creating public and private communications.

Releases API
November 2019