January 2021
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Branding for email notifications

Customize your email notifications with brand color, logo, and sender domain. Make your product updates a seamless part of your brand.

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Latest update

Two powerful customization features are rolling out to LaunchNotes today!

  1. Brand email notifications with your company colors and logo
  2. Send emails from your own domain

Check out the release for details on one of our most requested features.

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September 2020
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Free pages, Loom embeds, and funding

Your August roundup of everything that has happened in the LaunchNotes world. Plus a teaser on a feature we’re really excited about πŸš€

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Latest update

Free pages, Loom embeds, and funding. Check out the August roundup of everything that’s been going on at LaunchNotes. Plus a teaser on a feature we’re SSO excited about!

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April 2020
March 2020
πŸš€ Complete

Improved email and slack notifications

Our new email and slack notifications will provide more context about the associated release and notes, while being more accessible.

πŸ’Œ Notifications
Latest update

New email and slack notifications are launching tomorrow! This includes

  • improved layout design for slack + email 🎨
  • Better release context for notifications πŸ”

See the full breakdown in the LaunchNotes!

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November 2019