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Subscriber analytics

View total, monthly, and week-over-week change in subscribers to your public LaunchNotes page.

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What's new?

You'll notice new subscriber analytics at the top of your Public Subscribers page. Here you can see how many new public page subscribers you've had over the last month and a total count. 

We'll also package this up as a bi-weekly report delivered directly to your inbox. This helps you passively keep a pulse on the growth of your launch audience over time. 

If you're looking to increase your subscriber count take a look at our help article (Increasing your page subscribers) for some inspiration on how to increase visibility and subscribers for your product updates.

Congrats to all the product teams and launchers wrapping up 2020! We'll see you in the new year 🚀

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    Wanna know how many people have subscribed to your product updates in the last month? 2 weeks? Total? Now you can with Subscriber analytics. Check out the release for more details.

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