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Improved public page layouts

Our new public page design system will make your public pages more approachable and impactful. Releases will be easier to find and groups of releases will be easier to scan.

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Published by The LaunchNotes team
LaunchNotes liberates your product changes from the depths of blogs, help docs and one-off emails. Releases deserve a dedicated home that's as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. We can't wait for you and your customers to use the new Public page layouts.

What's changing with Public pages

  • New layout for main public page and individual release pages
  • New color system and themes
  • 3 choices of layout density
  • Filter by category
  • Search capability
  • Update timeline for individual release pages

When is it rolling out?

This is rolling out Wednesday April 15th, 2020

Why we did it

Communicating change

Companies have different needs when communicating their product changes. You may release frequently and communicate every change. You may also do a monthly or version based roundup. Our new layout density picker for public pages helps you pick a style that suits your communication strategy.

Finding an answer

Finding an answer about change is sometimes super specific. Sometimes it's more fuzzy. Sometimes you're not looking for anything and you just want to poke around. Search, status tabs and category filters help your visitors consume your updates no matter what they're looking for.

Ready to go

LaunchNotes should make it easy for your Launch home to be informative, easy to navigate, AND visually appealing. Having something out of the box that looks great and can match your brand is an important piece of LaunchNotes. Your changes are the star of the show and LaunchNotes is keen to give them a proper stage.

Detailed overview

New layout

On the new public page layouts you'll see several new elements (outlined below) to help your public visitors answer the question of "What's changing and when?"

  • Search by Release title or summary
  • View Releases by month
  • Filter by Release status
  • Filter by Release category
Public page structure

Layout densities

You now have the ability to pick from a compact, normal or comfortable density layout under your project settings.

The Compact layout

Cards show current status, whether or not a card has updates, most recent public updated timestamp, Release title, and category. This layout is best if you make frequent changes and want to display many Releases on your public page.
The compact layout

Normal layouts 

Strike a great balance of providing more information while keeping your public page scannable. Normal layout cards display status, last public update timestamp, release title, release summary, categories, hero image and number of updates.
Normal page density

Comfortable layouts 

Display as much information as possible on the card view of your Releases. Comfortable layout cards show all the same information as a normal card with the addition of the latest update if there is one. Categories also pull in their respective colors.
Comfortable page density

Updates timeline

The new "timeline view" posts all the public updates for a given Release after you've added it to your public page. We'll also include status changes to help orient your visitors when they're following one of your Releases.
The release show page with timeline

Updates with release article

If your release has an article we'll collapse the timeline and allow visitors to expand it if they want.
The release show page with article

What's next?

Take a look at our page ( and poke around to see the changes live. 
Updates timeline, new layout and the color system all come automatically. To set colors and density layouts for your public page head over to project settings >> look & feel. We can't wait to see your new public pages!
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  • The LaunchNotes team

    New public page layouts are here 🚀

    3 new layouts, 10 color themes, search, timelines, and advanced filtering have landed on public pages to help you communicate product changes.

    View the Release for the full breakdown!

  • Status changed to Complete.
  • The LaunchNotes team

    Coming soon! Public pages are getting a fresh new design along with your choice of 3 layout densities. Here are some highlights of what to expect:

    • your choice of 3 layouts in varying densities
    • release search on the public page
    • category filtering
    • improved color system

    An early mock of the dense layout can be seen here: dense public page layout. Stay tuned for the Launch announcement 🚀

  • The LaunchNotes team

    We just got a demo of “search for public pages” check it out below

    public page search demo.

    With this + category and view filters, your followers will be able to find any change within a matter of seconds. No more wading through their email inbox for a newsletter or trying to find that a blog post.

    All your product changes in one, easy to navigate, place.

  • The LaunchNotes team

    Here’s an early 👀at a mock for one of three our new layouts coming up.

  • Release was published!
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