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Custom domains

Use your own domain to host your public LaunchNotes page. Instead of using the default domain, you can request a custom host, which will allow you to use any domain, like

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What's new? πŸŽ‰Β 

We've added the ability for you to set a custom domain for your public LaunchNotes page at something like or

When you sign up for LaunchNotes we generate a url for your public page at Now, you can change this domain to match your company domain.

How to get it πŸ€”

If you want this turned on for your account write in to "" and we'll get you set up. You'll need the ability (or know someone) to edit your DNS records.

Custom domain FAQ πŸ–Β 

Do you support SSL?

Yes, we provide free SSL for all public projects, including on custom hosts

How do I configure my DNS?

You must create a CNAME record on your subdomain of choice that points to

Do you support apex domains?

No we don’t. You must host your public page on a subdomain like

  • The LaunchNotes team

    You can now host your public LaunchNotes page on your own domain!

    Typically, this is an enterprise feature but we’re offering it as an add-on to paid plans until the end of the month. Write in to to get yours set up.

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